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Restoring a house is an exercise that would be good everyone did sometime. It's rewarding. Rethinking spaces, understanding the result of possible changes, reuse some materials, sacrificing other and taking back to life some elements that had been abandoned for a longtime and nobody thought in them.

This is what we have done in Cal Favó, a house with a long story in Riudecanyes where we apply a little experience we have gained in Cal Masiu. We always bear in mind the comfort for our visitors. A comfort that is also accompanied by the generation of a welcoming atmosphere which continues to express the identity derivate of a house with more than two centuries of life.




In Cal Favó we offer 3 bedrooms and a lot of space - celler, living room, library, terrace - with the only aim of making you feel good, sharing the good times with your relatives or your friends.

See you there!


Disseny: Joan R. Pedret   Fotografia: Aitor Escauriaza